Monday, January 13, 2014

Apologies in advance for a lame letter....
Lots of technical difficulties today.

Let me just start by saying I miss the people in Columbus so much. I think about em daily, I am blessed to have them as friends!

Anyways, South Bend is way different! We teach a lot more and find a lot more investigators, but good luck baptizing them!!! Haha.

I legit only have 2 minutes left, SORRY!!!

We did find a 70 year old guy this week who investigated the church for a while 50 years ago! Real cool!

We are in a good stage of the work, I have lots of hope! I promise next week I will have more to share. So much happens and it's all in my journal so one day in the future you can all come read it with me one day! Welp.... just got more time but we are about to leave anyways.

I hate shoveling snow. 

Really awkward things happen as a missionary. This black lady told me to give her neighbors Jesus, haha! This lady growled at us through her window so we awkwardly just leave..... Timing happens that we always knock a door as the people pull up..... But other than all that, I AM DOING WELL. My spanish is doing wonderful and I am grateful for everything! Talk to y'all in a week, hope to hear from you :)

Elder Groseclose
I forgot to add:
We had that dream experience this week,
A guy that we teach tells us
"Last night I prayed for guidance from God for what to do in my life and now you two are here and that may be my answer." Say WHAT?! lol
Oh we also had that "We are gonna knock that door over that and that'll be the last one and we'll leave" on an unsuccessful street and then the guy answers and we teach him and set a return appointment. All those missionary cliches coming true!
New companion Elder Birch
Sister Hansen who was in my Columbus district and is now in my Elkhart zone up here
My house 
Catalina and David 
Arturo and I on our last night together
Herman y yesenia and their kids, a less active family that I reactivated
Got all my converts together for dinner my last night in Columbus 
Me and Norma 
Me and Karina 
Arturo and me
All my converts plus the pellegrino family
A picture karinas daughter drew for us 

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