Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 20

So like... my journal isn't in South Bend..... it is at the other Elder's apartment because I was on exchanges... so like I have no idea what happened this week. I will do my best to do it by memory recall, other than that, next week should be a much more exciting email!

So last Monday....
We cleaned the house I believe and it took forever because it was such a mess from the Elders that got double transferred out. It was pretty gross.... We then went about all our errands and played ball at the church! That night we taught a guy named Jorge at his restaurant Elotes y Mas and he gave us really delicious burritos! He is really really really fixed on the fact that God can NOT have a body like us. It's really hard but we are going back tonight and I hope it's productive! He really is such an awesome guy and I see so much potential if he can truly ask in FAITH for the answers and not walk purely by HUMAN thoughts. 

SUCH A CRAZY DAY HAHAH. So I was on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders and we had, with the other Elder's investigator, service to help him move out of his house. We pull up and we see the guys wife standing there and so we walk up and ask where to start and she tells us "We can't go in until the cops get here." Ummm what the freak? What then followed when the 3 cops showed up was me living my DREAM! I was on like a real live edition of Jerry Springer/Cops/Maury. It was SO ghetto/ratchet/out of control. So the cops come and knock the door and this toothless guy opens it and marijuana smell comes roaring the heck out of that house and the guy is like "YOU CAN'T COME IN!!!!" and the cop proceeds to say "Ummm yes I can" and then accusations of people: Threatening to shoot babies, people attacking each other with knives and hammers, and also theft start flying out. IT WAS SUCH A HOT MESS HAHAHAHA. Turns out this guy who was trying to move out had people squatting his house and wouldn't leave and all this CRAZINESS happened, and here you have 4 Mormon missionaries standing there clueless thinking they were going to help someone move!!! I was like living a dream. Such a hot mess, I loved it so much. Nothing else on Tuesday is noteworthy compared to all that. 

Ummmm..... OH we helped someone move HAHA, but this one was normal! We helped Jorge (that guy up there on Monday ^) move one of his sons out and then went out to Breakfast with his family and it was nice. :) We taught Flor and she is progressing! It was awesome, she read so much and was loving sharing it all with us :) OH, we found a new investigator named Jorge (a different one) and he is from El Salvador and Elder Birch and I couldn't understand ANYTHING he said. It was comical to a point because like, seriously, those sounds could NOT have been Spanish. We both can understand Spanish almost perfectly but THAT was NOT SPANISH!!! Hahaha.... I have in my planner that we apparently taught another lesson too.... but I don't remember who to.... so yeah. OH WAIT YES I DO. We taught Ichy and set a baptism date for FEBRUARY 8TH. She has been investigating for a while and just needs to quit smoking and get married to her BF!

Okay so we went and did service at the food bank, ate BWW, and NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED.

We met a guy named Salvador and he like talks alot and that lesson was a mess. I asked him one question and then proceeded to receive in return everything he has ever done in his life. Hahaha. We did teach Brenda with the Diaz Family and I felt like it was pretty powerful :) I really like this investigator! 

Exchanges. It was like a pretty bad exchange and unenjoyable. =\ I spent an hour by myself in the corridors under a house at one point.... Don't even try and ask what happened. HAHA. 

So we went to church and Ichy was there and her and her BF (he is a LA member) had an interview with the Branch President and it supposedly went well so there is hope there. :) We then had dinner with Elder Arranda y Hardester with the Martinez Family and had the first mole I ever liked! ( It's mexican food, not like the nasty moles that grow on humans...) We then taught Ichy that night and really just tried to get her fully committed.

So that's my week. I remembered pretty good ay?

I'm doing good, the work is slower but that is LIFE. 
I read "Our Search For Happiness" this week. Amazing book. I was obsessed. I recommend it to everyone! It's only like 100 pages and a good read. :)

Love you all
Elder Groseclose!

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