Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 months!

day 195 & 5 month field mark. whoot.
I just saw HOW LAME my weekly letter was last week. LOL. I feel bad how pathetic it was.... But some weeks just literally nothing happens. This week was a lot of the same as always. Life just isn't too exciting haha, but it's life!

*Monday was preparation day, shocker. We didn't really do much because everyone is reallllly slow so we like played sports for an hour and ya. 

*Had dinner with Arturo y Ana on Monday night for Luis 12th birthday! :) I think we ate Tamales.... NO WAIT, we ate Tostadas! They were delicious as always.

*Tuesday was exchanges and district meeting. Stayed in Spanish w/ Elder Bingham and we walked for like 6 hours. BOOOOOO. Then had Guatemalan Hen Soup for dinner. Pretty crazy huh?

*Another exchange because Elder Barrio had a district leader meeting in Fishers. I was with Elder Christensen and he received his Visa for New Zealand during our exchange! He left this morning for there!

*Karina did great in her baptism interview and is all set for this Saturday :) We went with her and her husband to IHOP for lunch :P 

*We have started to teach Arturo's sister, Dulce and she is so awesome. I have known her since I got her in July but we just now have started teaching. FOUND OUT WE GET TO SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS THIS DAY * * * !

*Went to watch a little kid in our Branch play basketball at the First Christian Church Gym haha.

*Had the 4 hour branch christmas party. Hahahah. It was just a bunch of dancing and eating and fun. Our branch is wild, I love it!

Other than all that ^, nothing else has really happened. Sorry I am not exciting!


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