Monday, December 30, 2013

hi hi happy day number 209. what a LONG week. vajbkohbiiouhcad. seriously never thought it would end. I am so exhausted.

Welp, to start off, I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED. After 4 transfers here in Columbus I am hanging up my hat and heading somewhere north! Probably and most likely to the South Bend area by Notre Dame. How cold.

So, because I can't even BEGIN to think of everything that happened these past two weeks (because I was too lazy to write last week... haha), I am gonna do a really bad list of what happened with asteriks, mhmk?

*Had an outdoor pizza and wing night with Karina outside in the cold rain because we didn't have another male....

*Karina's baptism! It all went just swimming and she was balling and everyone was balling and it was all great. I was so full of joy. Karina was an amazing investigator and she is just so special in my heart. Except for that when she got in the font, the water was freezing cold and she wanted out ASAP, lol. Yay for absolutely murdering the Spirit with cold water. yay us!

*The 18 Spanish Elders all sang Feliz Navidad at the Mission Conference and everyone wished they were us. Totally awesome.

*Facetime'd the loved ones. So nice. :)

*Got a sweater from Karina and a tie from Arturo y Ana. :)

* Spent lots of time with Karina and Arturo y Ana for Christmas and Noche Buena. 
 ^ Yes I only talk about them I know, but like, they are the greatest. 

*I like totally hate bicycling. 

OTHER THAN THAT, life is good. It's really tiring but the fruits of the labor makes it all worth it!

The district
Missionary Christmas at 6am 

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