Monday, December 9, 2013

Okayyyyy so this week was pretty cold homies. 8 inches of snow on.... Friday. Ya. It didn't stop for 10 hours. Ummm, not much else. That was my week. Well not really, but practically. Let's see what happened:

*Happy 17th Birthday to my little brother Scotty!

*I've been sick all week!

*Zone Preparation Day in Franklin. Played sports in a really small gym. Chill.

*Had Tamales at Arturo y Ana w/ Pellegrinos.

*Visited Cris y Norma and played in the snow with their son Iker :)

*Went over Baptism Questions w/ Karina.

*Did lots of attempts to find.

Sorry this is so boring! The work has slow down so much, but it's helping me grow which is nice. Christmas spirit!!!
Creed (a friend from BYU) at the turkey bowl
Turkey bowl 

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