Monday, February 3, 2014

what up! Wednesday is 8 months. That's weird. So anyways.....
I emailed y'all on Wednesday, so even though it's 5 days later, not much has happened. Saturday I was on exchanges in Goshen so nothing really happened that day except that I got to to go to their investigators wedding! So I guess I can tell y'all about Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday :D

WEDNESDAY: We had District Meeting in Elkhart and then afterwards we had some freaking DIVINE Taco Bell. Then legit like EVERYTHING fell apart. EVERYTHING cancelled. OH MY FREAK it was AWFUL lol. I seriously hate getting cancelled on. BUT IT WAS FOR A REASON, we decided due to all the cancellations to visit Rafael y Maria whom he haven't been able to see in a while and oh my heck she is HILARIOUS! She was asking us if there is a scripture that talks about a day when Hell will burst because she believes that Hell bursted and everyone stupid lives in South Bend HAHAHA. We then showed her the picture of Christ holding a lamb and comforting and we asked how it made her feel and she goes; "It's so mysterious, I love it! You see Christ comforting the lamb, but you know in his head he is thinking 'You little lamb are what's for dinner' " HAHAHAHAHA SHE IS HILARIOUS. She tells Elder Birch that he has a light that lights up a room, but then has the power to destroy all the light if he wants, like what? Hahah! Love her! We will get back to her on Sunday....

Thursday was fun! We did Service at the food bank like always and got a hispanic guy Timo who works there to give us his address so we will see where that goes! We then ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. YES is all I can say. We then got rejected so hard by our investigator lol. Like, oh my gosh it was hardcore. Haha. Then Elder Birch accidentally drove the wrong way on a one way road. lol. We then read Joseph Smith History with Ichy and it was great! Well received!

SUNDAY. We had church, no investigators came, but it was still an AWESOME testimony meeting. Love the testimonies that were given. POWERFUL. After church we went to eat with Goshen elders at the Romero's and I seriously ate EVERYTHING in sight hahaha. It was delicious and I couldn't stop. They thought I had to have been sneaking food to their dog, Cosita (means 'little thing') because I ATE EVERYTHING. hahaha. That's what happens when I fast.... We then had another lesson with Maria y Rafael and it was PERFECT. Maria was ALL OVER the idea of an apostasy and totally understands it and totally gets it. After we watched the Restoration movie about Joseph Smith's story she tells us: "I feel it. I can't explain it. There are not words to describe the inspiration I feel. It's such a humble story, he can't be lying." Elder Birch and I almost DIED of happiness. It was amazing. On top of being hilarious, Maria just GETS IT! So much potential there! We then taught Ichy that night using the 2014 January First Presidency Message about setting goals. It says "The Best Time to Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago, The Second Best Time Is Right Now." It was a powerful lesson also and so we helped her set some goals to work towards and I am excited for that too! 

That's the week! It wasn't too full of teaching at all, but the lessons were powerful and I am so thankful! I am loving it here, but I miss you all nonetheless! I am so thankful to be a missionary, I am SO LUCKY, or in the words of Sis. Nehring: there is no luck, only BLESSINGS, therefore I AM SO BLESSED.

Have a great week! Espero que tengan mucho exito y que sepan que les quiero BASTANTE.
Se cuidan mucho :)

Elder Groseclose
Letters from Arturo y Ana and family 
Ichy (an investigator) on the far left, then her BF Ivan (Less Active), Noel (Ivan Brother, active), Me Elder Birch, Sis Hernandez (mother of the boys, active).
South bend :)

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