Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What a week. Holy wowzers.

I'll start off with a summary. 
Got transferred to INDIANAPOLIS. Yes, I made it to the city! Not what I expected, president finally fooled me. It is the White River Branch.
Address => 6001 Beachview Dr. #283
Indianapolis, IN 46224 
My birthday is March 18. Mark it in your calendars or your missionary planner if you're a part of that missionary gang yo! Totally feel free to send me so many letters. ;D #teamIWILLWRITEBACK
Companion se llama Elder Thurston. He is from Provo, Utah. His mom es de Argentina though so Spanish is his first language. He speaks them both (English Y Espanol) perfectly though. Sorry I am noticing this goes in and out of Spanish/English. Bear with me. He has been out like 2 weeks more than me. We go home the same day though. (May 19, 2015)
The branch here is like..... huge. Hahaha. 

Anyways, Tuesday was the last night in South Bend for Elder Birch and I and it was like totally super sad because they were shutting down our area and we didn't want our investigators to just get lost in the shuffle. Hmph. ): We pretty much just went around saying bye to everyone. One of our investigators is like he busiest women ever and we legit like hunted her down at work in Michigan to say goodbye to her. Ha. When we went to say bye to Ichy and Hna. Hernandez and just that whole household it was SO SAD. They had a cake made that said. "Goodbye Elder Birch and Elder Groseclose. We love you and we will miss you." Talk about heartbreaking. Ichy, our investigator, was texting us during transfer meeting "No se vayan!!!" which is essentially "DON'T YOU TWO LEAVE!!!!" hahaha. 

It's weird being out of South Bend so fast. I loved the gente there.... ): But I'm sure I will be back in that branch someday further down the mission road. Perks of a Spanish Elder. 

SO, I am in the city. I really feel like I am just chilling in San Francisco, it's awesome lol. I am currently on the 6th floor of the Library and can see across the city. Oh there's where the Colts play.... Oh hey the Pacers play in that fieldhouse.... Hahaha, weirdness!!! I have missed tall buildings! Columbus had none, SB a good amount, but here is just like home! 

I am obviously still new to the area so I actually don't have a clue of anything that is going on BUT, we do have a baptism next Tuesday of a guy named Manuel.... so that's pretty sick. Ha. He's super cool younger guy. That will be nice. :) OH, and we had a lesson with people I had never met before but I TOTALLY had dreamed of their faces and the lesson we taught them, LAST WEEK. Like I already knew what they were gonna say. TRIPPY.

Hmmm... what else....we played lots of sports yesterday for P-Day and we did Junior Comps vs Senior Comps volleyball match and we won (JC's) in a tightly-contested matchup. I still got it going, feels nice. Hahaha.

Once I know the area more and the people I will be able to talk more about them.... but until then.... Cuidense mucho! Que tengan una semana de diversion ;) 

-Elder Guapisimo..... PERDON, Elder Groseclose
The view out the library window 
Ichy and family :)
Maria y Rafael. We set a baptismal date for April the day before we left. :)
Pedro! Found him tracting in SB. Love him!
Cake from Sis. Hernandez and Ichy when Birch and I double transferred.
Jorge! Investigator.
BRENDA. Love her. amazing!
Elder Birch and I 
Elders in my South Bend Branch 
Some elders in my district (Do-It-D!)
Touchdown Jesus!

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