Monday, February 24, 2014

Another week in the books. They really do fly by pretty fast, it's kinda scary. I always feel like life is gonna go way too fast for me after my mission. At least right now everything happens within this massive two year bubble I am in....
Any of you that are missionaries (and well I guess anyone, but especially for missionaries!): These scripture references SCREAM getting transferred, haha! Alma 17:13 and Luke 4:42-43. Read em. Pretty funny.
Also, my question for all the people that read this: So I have been having this thought in my head, so hear it out, I'd like responses! Haha. So we, as missionaries, teach a lot of people such a great message of joy and hope and all that, but how do you get someone to even WANT to have faith? Like for someone who Jesus Christ and God are honestly just like nothing to them, how do you get them to MATTER to the people?

Like all weeks, it was pretty interesting.... 

Well actually, in case I didn't say this last week, I ate goat tacos and they were pretty good....


I was bad with journal writing this week which means my email might suck but last Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Markward in his area. It was pretty fun but really short. We had dinner with one of his Recent Converts and it was just.... interesting. Only word. Ha. 

Wednesday we truly did nothing. Elder Thurston was sick. We stayed home all day. 

Thursday was the LOOOOOONGEST weekly planning of my missionary life and I have no clue why. We have 3 investigators so like.... I don't even understand lol. When we finally got out of the house, Manuel (our investigator who gets baptized TOMORROW!!!!) picked us up and we went over the Baptismal Questions with him and he is all ready to go! We went over tithing also and no problem there! We then went by Luis Rios who is a member who has been coming on and off so we just shared the Articles of Faith with him.

Friday. Well my hair was a HOT MESS so we used our break time to get my haircut hallelujah. We then just walked a crap ton until we had dinner with the other Elders here at the Branch President's house. His daughter gave me a One Direction stick for my nametag, THAT'S WHAT'S UP!!! Manuel then had his baptismal interview and he did great... Well he passed so I assumed it was great. We then went by the Hernandez family because they are returning to activity and their son wants to serve a mission so it's really cool to stop by them! Going over there tonight for dinner:) 

Saturday. WALKED ALL DAY. MY LEGS DIED. We had a lesson at 8 AM yes..... 8 AM. That was weird. It went well though but the people said they'll schedule our lesson mas tarde next time because we were all so tired haha. We then walked seriously the whole state of Indiana and contacted this REALLY awesome homeless woman who is SO ready for the gospel. She is so knowledgeable of scripture and she is prepared. I hope the other Elders are able to get in contact with her (we passed her on as a referral, she speaks English). We then just had a really lame lesson with Priscilliano because we were rushed and it was just a mess. Haha. While we were walking home I saw these two black teenagers playing around and one kept trying to grab a huge rock and his friend was yelling at him now to do it, so I turn around and go "DO IT!!!!" and they both turn and look at me so I walk over there and start just messing with them haha. Then they keep talking about the rock and I was like "Man, y'all aint got time for that!" And I had a sucker in my mouth and so the one kid goes "You right! You got candy though? Cause I DOOOOO got time for that!!!" So I gave them candy.... Haha! 

Sunday was Sunday. Had lunch with Maria de los Angeles otra vez and it was nice. We had Pozole. I LOVE POZOLE. Like SO much. SO good. We then had dinner with the Lara family and it was MILANESA. That's ALSO my food! I was in food heaven to be honest...

SO, that's the week. Baptism of Manuel tomorrow and also Zone Conference, should all be really exciting!

Hasta la proxima!
Elder Groseclose

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