Monday, March 3, 2014

So..... another week down.
Day 273. yeah.

Last monday I got my haircut again shorter. Super attractive now but I have some ugly chin disease growing at the moment so pictures are on hold for a week. Pardon any bad spelling, the keyboard is what sucks, not me.

Monday was my first time ever eating ceviche and it wasn't bad. :) I am still scared of raw fish but Ilived. Easing me in to sushi one day....

Tuesday we had zone conference and got permission to go to the temple twice a year even though it's not in the mission limits! YAY. We then had Manuel's baptism. He is so solid and totally awesome, great guy. 

Wednesday nothing really happened or Thursday because Elder Thurston was feeling sick again. We did though get a new investigator Thursday night through a family in the ward and she is so awesome! She has already come to church and the relief society dinner, I sure see potential!

 On Friday we helped the mission move furniture into new apartments and in the car was an iPad and we were all memorized, haha!! Then had long weekly planning because we had a lot of things to do/plan/discuss! We then talked with Manuel about confirmation to prep him for Sunday!

Saturday we had a very tender lesson and that's all I will say about that. So cool.
We also finally got ahold of Juan Diaz and he has already read the BOM whole and is starting it again! YAY! 

Yesterday we confirmed Manuel and church was cancelled after an hour due to snow coming and safety issues.... 

Sorry I have not much this week!


Saw this cool/funny quote:
Sometimes we expect million dollar answers to ten cent prayers!

Haaahaha, have a good week!

Elder Groseclose

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