Monday, March 17, 2014


HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY! And tomorrow I turn 20.... No longer a teenager! Oh the craziness of life, eh? Currently I am sitting next to a woman who is laughing hysterically at her computer and keeps burping super loud and practically screaming "OOOOOOH EXCUSE ME!!!" and then proceeds to burp more and die laughing. It's a hot mess and it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT through and through HOOSIER BRED INDIANA. WAIT, she just burped again. THIS IS GREAT. I am proud to be in Hoosier Capital USA! Sorry.... this is probably not the kind of stuff you expect in a missionary email, but my life is just so entertaining right now and I hope you are all at least part way enjoying this. 

Anyways, day 286. How exciting! 

Monday was a pretty normal preparation full of sports and non-sense. I for some reason had really bad neck and the Mission Nurse put me on 1600 MG of Ibuprofen to avoid "neck inflammation" which I must say sounds very alarming. We then had dinner with Roman y Mercedes and it was fun! :)

Tuesday. So after a 20 degree day of weather on Monday, Indiana decides to go full blown bipolar and Tuesday was a BEAUTIFUL 70 degree day. IT WAS BIZARRE. UPDATE: I think the man on my left is in a competition with the woman on my right because he just shook the library with a burp of his own. Anyways, back to Tuesday. The morning was pretty hard because my neck was in a lot of pain so I laid on the ground for studies and held my scriptures in the air so I wouldn't have to look down... For lunch we went to Hna. Mendez and ate outdoors because the weather was SUMMER. We had delicious empanadas and she was telling me about how she'll have to make me some weird food one day like eyeball fritters or Iguana tail lollipops. What a treat! We then went to the church with the other Elders were Hna. Maricela gave us some delicious emapanadas with some cilantro lime salsa, yum! I then went and played a little basketball with some of the youth in the branch and I completely balled out and showed them how white boys can ball and I proceed to school them at a game of 21. Yes. The night ended with us teaching Luis Mora who luckily (or God's timing....) pulled up right as we were about to leave!

Wednesday. District meeting followed by the obligatory Chinese Buffet lunch after. Devoured it of course. Dropped by our investigator Luisa to give her a kids picture book version of the Book of Mormon because she says her daughter always wants to read it! We then had dinner that night with the Branch President and his family (The Coffins) where the wife made super delicious chili!!! We have these new pass-along cards in our mission of the temple that they are building about 20 minutes out of Indy so we roleplayed with the Coffins about how to give it to a friend and it was cool!

Thursday. Decided to knock an area that has never really been knocked before and we find out why, no hispanics within miles. Haha. Weekly Planning day so not much happened. We had dinner with the McGrory family. Husband only speaks English and wife only speaks Spanish and it is just hilarious because they legit like don't really understand each other. We shared with them the temple cards and how to share them and ended the night with our Recent Convert Manuel about the temple!

Friday. YES. So we did service in the morning by carrying lots of heavy furniture for Hno. Chapital and then afterwards he took us to a HUUUUUUUUUGE Chinese buffet and it was SO DANG GOOD. Oh my hecccccck. So amazing. HIGH QUALITY, HIGH QUANTITY. Yes! UPDATE: Woman on my right takes the lead as she shatters the windows with an earth shaking burp BLAST. Ended the night with Roman y Mercedes talking a lot about the importance of the Fall of Adam y Eve. Pretty good discussion! They took us out to dinner at a place called El Ranchito and I ate tacos. So I was happy. YAY.

Saturday. Well we didn't have much happen BUT we did get stuck behind a train which I must say is unbelievably enthralling. I was just amazed at the enormity of said train and I was really just in awe. Just a train, I know, but I loved it. UPDATE: Yes, you know what happened. She even commented after this one "Yeah, that was good!" Good burp girl, great one! But we did teach Juan Diaz w/ his wife and the lesson was alright. She doesn't believe in religion and so it's hard for her and her husband proceeds to tell her "You won't be saved then!!!' and she says " Maybe not but it won't be for not attending church!" It was pretty juicy yet awkward to watch play out. He tells her that she'll know the truth through prayer and that she can have her own Joseph Smith experience! He is such a solid investigator haha.

Sunday was church and not much else. We ate dinner w/ Cumberland Elders at Maria de los Angeles' house and she made Panbasos. Delicious! We then went w/ Roman y Mercedes to visit the Lara family and it was a good spirit there and we talked about sharing the temple cards! :)

Well, that's the week! Take care everyone! HASTA LA PROXIMA!
Elder Groseclose

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