Monday, March 31, 2014

FOR STARTERS: This is 100% real life. Burping lady is next to me AGAIN TODAY. Craziness. It's ludicrous.

Hna. means Hermana if that confuses you all later on.... 

So last Monday was of course Preparation Day and it was really weird because President Cleveland came to our Gym and did like a workout/basketball clinic with us. Like we actually ran lines and did push ups when we did something wrong and I was just so sore because I was totally not ready for this conditioning sports life again. One of the YSA (Young Single Adult) girls Jordan brought me a caramel apple pie for my birthday and it is actually the first time I have had apple pie and it was yummy! I also made my March Madness bracket this day and it's not doing too bad. Got MSU winning it all.

Tuesday. Mi Cumpleanos! In the morning we had district meeting and afterwards we (Elder Golledge and Cuevas and us) went to Buffalo Wild Wings (DUH!) for lunch. Absolutely delicious as usual. We worked a little until we eventually had our (my) birthday party at the church. Turns out mom, of course, sent a member a huge package of stuff so it was a full out party by Hna. Maricela. hahaha. She made some pretty good Mole and then we had some 3 Leches cake which is my favoriteeee. We ended the night eating some Tinga with Roman y Mercedes and they were super sweet and got me a really cool cologne for my birthday! They are fancy! Hna. Mendez stopped by for dinner and that was fun too. Earlier in the day we actually knocked her door and pretended to contact her like we didn't know her and that was pretty fun! "Do you attend a church mam?" "Yes I am Mormon" "WELL THAT'S AWESOME!". Ha. Also, while we were at the gas I contacted this other woman there in the parking lot and got her address and she seems interested. :) Her name is Dora for future email references...

Wednesday. Just a lot of tracting and finding potentials. We did have a great lesson with Luisa and her daughter Tracy though! So we almost had to cancel because we just could NOT get any members to come and magically Hno. Vigil texts us he can come right as we were about to cancel and I am SO glad he did. He did awesome in the lesson and kinda just took it over but it was okay because it was just what they needed to hear! The cunada (Zully, and cunada is sister-in-law) and her daughter (Hecyeni, pronounced Ay-en-E) were also in the lesson so they are new investigators! 

Thursday. We started the day by going on mini-exchanges with the ZL's and that was good. Just finding more potentials, hoping to be able to teach them eventually. Rest of the day was Weekly Planning until we then had a lesson with our recent-convert Manuel about service and then we went with him and his GF and her family out to dinner at a REALLY YUMMY mexican restaurant "El Mariachi". I got a quesadilla and some tacos and their quesadillas were these huge soft shells almost like a big apple turnover STUFFED with cheese and carnitas! They were SOOOO good!

Friday. Randomly some summer weather came and it was 70 degrees and beautiful. We did lots of tracting and find a new investigator named Moises! We haven't been able to find news for a long time so it was sooooo nice having the weather be nice enough to teach outside! Ended the night by having dinner with the McGrory family. :) I also decided to start collecting bottle tops this day that I find laying around because Hoosiers LOVE BEER.

Saturday: A lot of biking and walking. That made me really tired. We just found a bunch of more potentials. Eventually taught Juan and he is so solid and ready! Just held back on his wife. After the lesson he sent us to visit his sister in the same complex so we did and taught her! :) The night ended by us eating with the Lara family. :)

Sunday! Tracy, Luisa, and Hecyeni all came to church and they all loved it which was super awesome! After church we had a party for Elder Cuevas in the gymnasium. We ended the night by playing games and eating with the Branch President and family and it was just super fun!

SO THAT'S THE WEEK. Love you all, until next week!!!
YSA Jordan got me a pie for my birthday!
Cards from Liberty Lifeskills class :)
Mission Pres and Wife text.
Roman Y Mercedes and my present!
Branch presidents daughter 
Tinga! So yummy! 

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