Monday, March 17, 2014

Day number Two Hundred and Seventy Nine. Sounds like a big number when I write it like that, haha.

I really want something deep and profound to put here before I start my weekly letter but I can't really think of anything. As a general update, it's warming up here which is nice. Hovering around 50. Perfect temperature because any hotter and the humidity starts to attack you. 

On Monday we had the usual, preparation day. Nothing too spectacular there. We played volleyball and chair soccer and it was just splendid.

Tuesday. lol. Can I just say that Tuesdays just blow. They are the day after P-Day so it's already a bummer because it's the start of a long week and then on top of it like NOTHING ever happens on Tuesdays. Bleh. So with that magnificent theme, we went to pick up the other elders and when we get there we find out district meeting was cancelled. LIKE WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? So.... we drove home and were like.... Well.... never made a back up plan for this. The afternoon was just..... Not even. That night we had dinner with Roman y Mercedes of Milanesa and Pineapple Pasta. It was delicious! We then taught an English Class and the only people who came..... were Roman y Mercedes who we had just eaten with. We taught a little on how to pray in English and then after we taught them the Restoration again because it's something you are supposed to do with Recent Converts just to check for understanding and all that. :)

Wednesday. I hit my nine month mark on Wednesday which was pretty weird. That's a lot of time! I successfully hit a full pregnancy! So we started the day by tracting the apartments where Luisa lives. We encountered a man named Sean who proceeds to tell us he is gay and wants to know how our church feels about that. So we discuss it with him and answer a lot of other questions he had and he is super open and truly understands what we believe and it was surprising! More on Sean later... We contacted more people but nothing eventful except for this man:
"Hey sir, do you happen to know of any spanish speakers around here?!" "No! If I see spanish speakers though I'll kick them back to where they belong!"  Oh racism...... We then had to drop off the car for the other Elder's doctor appointment and so we walked and visited people. We then walked a LOT until the other Elders picked us up and we had a lesson with Luisa and her daughter in the Nieve's home. It was a great lesson about the BOM and we set a baptismal date with them for May 3rd. They seem to be progressing well. Then just had a nice time talking with Hermano Rios later that night. :)

Thursday. We just had to go back by Sean since he was so awesome and so we did and we taught him the Restoration outside while he smoked down some more cigarettes, haha. It was actually a really good lesson and he just may have potential..... He totally loves my missionary bag and wants his own too so he may go shopping on a missionary website soon. Nice way to get him interested in the church more. haha. Taught Manuel in the evening to prep him for receiving the Priesthood.

Friday. Zone meeting! It was a great Zone Meeting, maybe my favorite one I have had. Lots of cool stuff was learned. Talked about teaching with pictures and it was pretty informative. We also talked more about using the cards with the temple on it that they are building here in Carmel (by Indy). We then went on exchanges and I was with.... Elder Barrio, haha. My companion from Columbus. We went to contact college students on the IUPUI campus and it was so different than anything I have ever done... We then had dinner that night with Roman y Mercedes and finished up the restoration and we had Mercedes' non-member brother in the lesson!

Saturday. Decided this day that I am going to start collecting coins I find on the ground. I will update you weekly on my progress. Currently have a whopping 23 cents. Yes. Made a delicious chipotle salsa from Arturo's recipe. (Columbus convert). Then had a lesson with Hno. Hernandez. 

Sunday. Good day of church. Luisa came with her daughter so that made us happy! That night we had a fireside at the church called "Why I Believe" where recent converts give there testimonies and it was a good meeting.... haha.

Ya, that's my week. I start to get bored of writing for eventually my emails die off.... So I'll let this one go.
Have a good week everyone!

Elder Groseclose

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