Monday, March 31, 2014

Going to try to do this super fast. But lemme start with this:
This morning I bought Kale. Some vegetable. I then steamed it and cooked it in garlic powder and olive oil. WHO KNEW HEALTHY COULD TASTE /THAT/ GOOD. Like it was dang amazing!
No, burping women is not next to me. Sorry to ruin that for everyone. 

Today is day 301, which means I passed 300, obviously.
Also, forgot to say last week, I am staying in my area. So is my comp. So we have another 6 weeks here. That's that.

LAST MONDAY: Normal preparation day. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. Exciting huh?

TUESDAY: So...... we had to wake up at 5:30 to take Elder Cuevas to the mission office because he went home. It was sad to do and he will be/is missed. We then were a trio for the day with Elder Golledge and just cleaned up their apartment because Golledge is leaving also (just transferred, not home). We had lunch as a trio at BWW with the best waitress ever Lucy. She loves us! We then picked up some Pozole from Hermana Mendez and it was delicious and we enjoyed it back over at our apartment over a rousing game of Scrabble, (I WON!) haha. That night we went with President Coffin (Branch President) to Sam's Club and had dinner there and then he bought me a mini-watermelon. :)

WEDNESDAY: Transfer Meeting! We got to go because we had Elder Golledge. That made me happy because I LOVE transfer meeting! After the meeting we went to Guanajuato which is like a mexican Costco, AWESOME. We had lunch there and I devoured a chorizo quesadilla and was just floating on a cloud the whole time. We then went by and read in the BOM with Juan and he is as amazing as ever, just really held back by his wife but we will keep trying! Ended the night with Roman y Mercedes :)

THURSDAY: We had district meeting and then after was Weekly planning. We worked in our apartment complex and got to teach Raul y Raquel (new investigators). Raul has a lot of potential! They are catholic but notice a lot of the things just don't add up so we will see!

Friday: I honestly don't remember Friday and I forgot to write in my journal..... I know we did a lot of walking and then eventually had a lesson with our Recent Convert Manuel and then he got us Hardees (Carl's Jr.) after!

Saturday: Nothing happened. Elder Thurston was sick and slept all day so I just lingered around the apartment.... We did eventually get out though and taught Juan's sister with Hermano Alonso. The lesson started rough, she was super distracted by her husband in Dominican Republic texting her and she kept ignoring us. She said she was with "the mormons" and her husband started emailing her anti by the Seventh-Day Adventist church until at one point she put down her phone and says "He wasn't texting me until you all walked in. I think Satan is making him text me because the devil doesn't want me to know the truth." The lesson then got really spiritual and awesome! So that's exciting! Then we went by the Lara family and had salsa verde enchiladas!

SUNDAY: Before church we had a lesson with Moises and Hno. Vigil came, Elder Thurston was in branch council so Elder Paxman came and did the lesson with me. It was alright. He's receptive none the less. Had Pozole for dinner with Maria de Los Angeles! Roman y Mercedes then went with us after to teach Hna. Francisca, a new investigator referred by a member, LOTS of potential there. She is super interested in genealogy.

Well, that's the week!
love you all, TAKE CARE!

Elder Groseclose
Some spanish Elders (the one with 4 of us)
and some english elders!
Golledge Thurston Me at Sams Club

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