Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WHOOF. Brutal! Got calls last night, WE ARE GETTING DOUBLE TRANSFERRED AND THEY ARE SHUTTING DOWN MY AREA. Wow. It was definitely a surprise. It's so crazy......

This week was just crazy. We had two exchanges so our area kinda just stalled for a few days.

We did teach Maria though and it was an awesome lesson and she is doing AMAZING. I am absolutely BROKEN to leave her behind. UGH. ): 

Everything else I am just completely flustered by because of this double transfer so I can't really say much...

I will share something cool that happened though:

So on Wednesday I was going through former investigators and I came by one from 2008 (6 years ago!!!) I decided to call the number and ask for the person. The person answered and I asked for Cesar and a woman, startled, said to me "Why do you need to speak to him?"
I proceed to tell her we are missionaries and that we spoke with him about 6 years ago and we wanted to see if we was still interested in our message.
"Did you not hear the news....?" She tells us.
I answer back that we are new missionaries and we just found his record and decided to call it. She proceeds to tell me that he was murdered back in 2012 and left behind 5 kids and she just begins to cry and pour out her heart to me in grief and after a while I interject and start teaching her about Plan of Salvation over the phone and I manage to set up an appointment. Today is the day we will teach her. What a miracle!

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