Monday, October 27, 2014

October 13, 2014

I'm just so grateful. For everything. One last week here in the White River coming up. Never want to leave this branch. Heavy heart. Haven't even got transfer calls yet but assistants made it pretty clear to me that after 8 months here, I am going to be leaving. ): It's crazy how much you can grow to love something that didn't even exist to you so little time ago.
Have a song with the lyrics "Not alone, brother by my side." Such sick lyrics. We really do ALWAYS have our brother at our side.

The Relief Society is having an activity called "Witches Night". You better believe all the men were loving the name for it hahahah. It's because Noche de Brujas is how they say Halloween but it translates to Witches Night. hehehe.

On Monday, Arturo and Ana from my first area came up to visit. We went out to, of course, Mexican Food and is was so nice to be with them. Love them.
We then went by and talked with Josefina and I read her my notes from conference.

Tuesday was really weird because it just was..... We taught Sofia y Manuela. Manuela is old and can't see so she tried to get us to legit mug someone and steal their glasses and she said if we did then she would read the BOM...... So about 5 weeks we found out about a less-active with a step-son who wants to get baptized. We have tried many times to set up appointments and never could so I decided to just go by. We were let right in and taught him. His name is Karim. He is SICK. I love the kid so so much! Hoping to set a date with him this week. After Karim we went by Jaime's house and told him about General Conference and what happened at it and encouraged him to watch a talk. He was grilling chicken and elotes so we got some to eat too ;) :D Tender Mercy of Tuesday: Was biking through Downtown and passed a sports bar and saw the Dodgers-Cardinals game. It was 2-0 Dodgers and I said "I'm gonna watch a pitch" and right then I saw the Cardinals get a 3-Run HR and go up 3-2 over the nasty Dodgers and knock them out of the playoffs. TENDER MERCIES OF TIMING!!!

Wednesday we got together as a Zone and got to see Meet The Mormons. My second time and I enjoyed it again :P Went by Catarina's and it was good. Had some Arroz con Leche and Bisteces. Then went to visit Orlando and man...... did it turn out weird. We spent about an hour and a half in their house and it was: Us, 2 Pentecostals, A Catholic, and someone searching for a church all in room discussing many religious points. It was crazy hahaha. Ended the night going by Josefina's and sharing something with her daughter and daughter's boyfriend.

Thursday we taught a lot of people again. In terms of what we actually did, nothing exciting. We just went around teaching and I played soccer with some random kids in a park

Friday. Oh my heck. Well first we had Zone Meeting and that was a really pleasant experience as usual. We taught Yahir after and she is super cool and I wish I was staying longer because she has a lot of potential. We went by Marta's house for dinner and the other Elders were late and so she was frustrated and hungry so she left before they arrived and she took us to Golden Corral and ditched the other Elders..... lol. Friday night we taught Catarina..... oh my sad. That lesson SO SAD. So I wanted to prep Catarina for the idea of my leaving in two weeks and she took it so hard. She was bawling BAWLING during the prayer, BEGGING for me to stay. She says if I leave, she's gonna give up. UGH, it was so hard. She calls me "Papa Espiritual" aka her Spiritual Dad.... haha. She is so sensitive to the spirit and I wish I could stay for her. She is SO ready to make the steps necessary.

Saturday was nothing special.

Sunday. Catarina came to church and I was asked to give a talk on scripture study. The members were raving that it was a good talk so that's good :D  Had dinner after with the Garcias. We had yummy Sopes! The night ended with Why I Believe and it was wonderful!

That's pretty much my week. We taught a lot and worked hard. One more week here in the City. I love it here. I don't want to leave so I need to leave it behind with no regrets!

Love you all!!! 7 months :)

-Elder Groseclose
Saw Arturo and Ana and family <3 (convert from first area!)
I'm probably getting transferred so started the goodbye pics this sunday....
gettin my game on
Catarina y Jesus

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