Monday, October 27, 2014

October 6, 2014

Another week down. Hit 16 months yesterday. Weird weird weird.

The week, to say the absolute least, has been a crazy one with very little missionary work actually done o_o

So Monday we started exchanges. Went to the other area where I served before and it was super fun! We had dinner with Hna. Lyons and Isamari and it was super fun and man the two of them are just so awesome with the story and everything.

Wednesday we had a Spanish Conference in Kokomo. It was just some trainings and we got to watch Meet The Mormons after. It was super fun and I loved it! If you have a chance (if it's near you in theatres) check it out! After the trainings, we went to a Mexican Restaurant and I asked if they'd be able to play the Giants Wild-Card game and when they said yes, we totally ate there. Got to see the GRAND SLAM right before I left. #LetsGoGiants #OctobersShouldAlwaysBeBLACKANDORANGE

Thursday, a family I know from back home (The Olsen's) came through Indy on a church history trip and took us out to lunch. It was crazy seeing someone I knew and also super nice! 7 and a half months left until all that normal life stuff. Crazzzzzzzy. 

Friday I don't even remember but we taught Catarina! Scratch that, I remember. We also went to Maria's for a message and then ended up cooking her dinner. :)

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference so it was like that. That's pretty much the week!

Love you all!
Elder Groseclose!!!!

lets go giants!!!
Peeps from my hometown
made a tennis court in my house ha
saw the members i lived with in my first area! love the nehrings!
giants gameeeee
mexi food... kinda.

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