Monday, October 27, 2014

October 20, 2014

QI don't really know what to say. Most important, I am getting transferred. Leaving the branch here in Indy. ): New address:
Also, don't really understand why but I've also been called to be a District Leader. It's crazy to think there are only two Spanish Elders with more time than me in the mission, and they both leave in 6 weeks. So I guess I should have seen this coming, and to be honest, I did.
I don't wanna leave the City, at all. Like not one single bit of me is sick of being here. 8 and a half months and I could stay here for the rest of my mission. I don't know how it happened but my heart found its home here. Totally cried like a baby last night thinking of walking into a new chapel next week and not seeing all those familiar faces...... I'd say it's bitter sweet because that's what people always say but I can't find the sweet. Texted all the members Goodbye this morning and the love I received back was just so humbling and made me so so grateful. Giovanna told me "Tu sabes que Dios te manda para alla por una buena razon. Tu pronto lo sabr
ás." And I realize that she's right. So I guess that can be the sweet. Knowing that God has a purpose for me to go where I am going. Someone needs ME. Crazy.
Don't really feel like a long analysis of my week because it was just a lot of goodbyes and sadness so I'll give kinda a few thoughts of departing these people.
Catarina. Was at church again. We've already established how devastating my departure will be there. She's an amazing and I have complete faith that I will come back to see her baptized one day. Whether in my mission or later on. She can do it. She knows it.
My boy Karim is sick. We put him on a date for December 13th and he was at church Sunday. He's adorable. In a lesson he randomly asked his mom "How many steps is it to school?" And she said "Depends how fast you walk" and he went "OOOOOHHHHHH" like it was such a new, profound concept. Little boss man. We gave him a BOM Storybook with homework to read chapter one by Tuesday. An hour later his mom told me that he already read it and can't wait for us to be there again on Tuesday. Love ya little man!
That's pretty much the only two I feel like talking about.
There was a specialized training for Trainers/Trainess in their first transfer last week, so I didn't go but someone told me something super funny that happened. So apparently they were all roleplaying lessons and recording them on a bunch of iPads and then President picked a few to plug in to the TV big screen for everyone to watch a few. He pulled one up and saw a sister had taken a bunch of selfies on one of the iPads and he gets in front of everyone and says "Well Sister, the only person in the mission who takes more selfies than you is Elder Groseclose!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PRES CALLED ME OUT!!!
So that's pretty much the week. Completely different life all over again starting Wednesday. 
-Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
talk about hardest thing ever. i love this branch man.....
first off my two absolute favorites. #squad all 3 of us getting split up ): markward and latu
Norma my first baptism had another baby this week :)
my ton-toni <3 :)
Suri, Jose, Josefina
Bretters! #byu
love love love this district.
latu and i with random asian guy haaaaa
Thug Gangsta Catarina man.
Ana y Ethan
Meza fam.
VanHaren and ERob
Elder Barrio goes home tomorrow!
Hno Jones
Hno Orellana
Hno Oliva

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