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December 15, 2014


I don't have any good introduction of stuff that happened or comments so I will just jump right into the days ---->

Monday: After P-Day we hit up my MAIN HOMIES house aka The Romeros. The other elders had a dinner with them and we just went because I love them and it was raining and I didn't want to walk haha. Then afterwards we went by our less active Belen to start teaching her kids and now the fun has begun. I'll talk about the kids later but pretty much when summing up a day if I say NINOS that means we went by at the time. Ha. From Belen's we walked to the Martinez family and had some yummy fajitas for dinner!

Tuesday: The day started off with us tracting and we had a very very awkward lesson with a woman named Wendy and I couldn't WAIT to get out. So awkward. We then found a twenty year old guy named Daniel and he was really cool. When we went to say the prayer he went and put on a shirt because he really respects God... haha, wasn't at the return appointment though. :( We then went and hung out with Hna. Elba. Love her. Had dinner at the Fernandez and ended the night with NINOS.

Wednesday: Pretty successful day! We found a new couple named Rodolfo and Jessica. Hopefully we can get some follow up with them this week. We taught the less active we found, Luis, that came to church this week and it was good. His blood sugar was way through the roof and he had to give himself a shot while we were there. I was so scared haha. Dinner with the Bolanos. NINOS. Ended the night with Francisco!

Thursday: Our morning was SOOOOOOOO lame. NINOS. Abi Romero made us dinner and we hung out with Elba!

Friday: Zone Meeting. Taught my bud Marcial. NINOS. Then taught a less active and her boyfriend who seems to be an ETERNIGATOR (forever investigating). Then we went to a High School Basketball game because Abi invited us and they sucked so bad, it was pretty SAD. lol.

Saturday: Taught a bunch of people. NINOS and Francisco. Hahaha. It was a good day. 6 lessons. Hopefully we get good follow up this week.

Sunday: At church: Belen brought a friend BARTOLO, Juan Carlos brought a friend HECTOR, and the NINOS came: HECTOR and JULIE.
It was great. SO SO SO dang successful. Luis the less active also came. 

SO about the NINOS:
Hector and Julie are the two old enough to be baptized and they have a date set for December 30th. If you didn't already notice, we were there every day this week. There are two others named Alan and Fernando and they are 4 and 6, respectively. They LOVE us. They are awesome. 

This was my best week of numbers that I have ever had even if my email doesn't seem like it. 29 lessons. Pretty cool.
I am loving this area and hope we don't have a Sophomore Slump this week! 


Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose

colombian sombrero 
elder robertson is going hoooooooome!
my homie Abi!
treated ourselves to olive garden.
love love love my ninos
favorites. <3

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