Friday, January 9, 2015

January 5, 2015

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt uuuuuuuup! It's FINALLY 2015. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Not that it's a BAD tunnel to be in, but nonetheless there is a light at the end of it. Today is my official 19 months of being a missionary. Crazy, huh? It was 19 months ago that my mom thought I was going to try and sneak my iPhone into the MTC with me, hahahahaha. It was 19 months ago that I was thrown into a crazy world where some half bald man would only speak to me in Spanish when I had not a clue what he was saying to me. Now hit fast forward and what the heck am I doing in Elkhart Indiana where the temperature is 2 degrees and -10 on Wednesday and all my friends here speak Spanish, a language I couldn't speak a lick of 19 months ago? Oh, how life changes..... Like I was just talking to the lady next to me in English and she couldn't understand me, so I was like "OH YEAH I SPEAK SPANISH DUH" and we talked. COOL LIFE. 

So I am gonna run through the week.... Hope it's not boring for you to read because it was exhilarating for me to live (insert the emoji here of the two hands making touchdown sign with 4 blue upside triangles above it).

Monday ---------> Emailed and then had a normal working day because we had Wednesday night and Thursday freeeeeeeeeeee. We went by our Ninos and got em all ready for Tuesday! We then visited my realest homies Cassie and Henry. They're sick. She gave me tacos so I was therefore thoroughly happy. Had dinner with the Bolanos family and visited Francisco later and Elba. Francisco we had so much drama with Monday it was C R A Z Y. I have it all down in my journal but all I can say is that he should be dead from an overdose and by the grace of good he isn't and he is still letting us teach him. We ended the night with the realest of the real ELBA. OH, this day I was with Wolverton for an exchange b t w.

Tuesday -------> Tuesday. Still on an exchange in the morning. Tracted into this lady Isabel. She was aight, she's stuck in her church and because of that she's got up a wall. Had lunch with the Fernandez and it was some bangin' Tilapia. Enjoyed it very much. Good lasagna and salad too. Wow, never would have said ANY of that 19 months ago. Ha. THEN, the assistants were up here so of COURSE we had lunch with them so I could see Brett.... ummm.. "Elder Smith". We went to Ricky's Taqueria. While eating a black lady walks in and says (WE DRIVE A BLUE CHEVY CRUZE) "Do any of yall got a Blue Chevy Cruze? Because someone is trying to take it away or something..." We are all confused and go outside and see a huge white van on a hill and the side of our car dented and scratched. Turns out we got hit by this van that somehow then ended up stuck on a hill hahaha. So the black lady was just crazy and confused. It was other guys fault, we were inside Ricky's and legally parked so all is good there. From there we had NINO BAPTISM! Got to baptize Hector and he was baptism 400 for the year and was what made us make the mission goal. So I got to be a part of history and someone else's salvation. #sosoprime. After hopping off Cloud 9 we went and taught Francisco again.

Wednesday -----> Taught my man Luis (the less active). He tried to give us Menudo but we fought it and dropped that idea like it was hot and escaped with empty stomachs. Ha. We also taught Ninos and Elba, BECAUSE WHY NOT? Spent New Year's Eve night with the Alarcon family and got to be out late so we got cray there of course ;)

Thursday --------> New Yearrrrrrrrs. We went to Mishawaka Stake Center with the other zone and had a fat sports fest. Our volleyball team KILLED IT. #teamcaptain #StillGotIt We left halfway through for lunch and Weese, VanHaren, and I went to Chili's for a classy splurge lunch. We then went back and played some more and then finally went home..... ONLY TO GO TO BDUBS FOR DINNER #WinningOnWinningOnWinning Let's just say that Florida State got romped.

Friday --------> Taught Hector and it was cool. Then taught Elizabeth, Santos' wife. IT WAS SO INTERESTING. She is a very interesting person and she said crazy stuff. We then just had a night of eating with the Hilton family, then visiting Belen and Francisco.

Saturday -----> Got in contact with a Less Active who we tracted into named Belinda. She came to church yesterday with her non member Husband and.... get this.... 9 year old son. Hopefully we can baptize them!!! Taught Jonarys and Emma and HenryCassie and a LA Monica Granados and Ninos!

Sunday was great! Lots of success but no time to tell y'all 


Elder Groseclose

my boyyyyyyyyyyy

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