Friday, January 9, 2015

December 22, 2014

I HI. Congrats to BYU Women's Volleyball for being the first unranked team EVER to make it to the National Championship Match! We lost but I AM SO PROUD. Rise and Shout!!!

It's a weird week for me. Legit SO many of my friends got home from their missions THIS WEEK. It's crazy. And I have less than 5 months. 148 days. Which is weird. I am not ready for it to be over yet but the time is flying and I can't stop it... Like I definitely miss all of you back home but I got my own Spanish WORLD over here..... I am legit AWKWARD in English now. Like when I have to pray in English? AWFUL AWFUL. I sound like I am 2 years old. I speak in so much Spanglish too so..... EVERYONE LEARN SPANISH THANKS.

Instead of doing this week by days I am just gonna write about certain things.

Belen & The Ninos: Doing great! After some hiccups.... we got them to church so they are still on track to be baptized on the 30th!!! We are working a lot with Belen to try and help her come closer to the Savior. She is a returning less active so she needs lots of support. She is super awesome though. Love her and those kids. They are the reason I am in Elkhart. I know it.

Elba Hernandez. Bless her heart. Amazing member. I am so grateful for her. She has had so many trials in her life and is still the most solid member I have ever met. I am blessed by her example.

Hector! Came to church again this week. He is really cool and he is a blast to teach because he honestly wants to learn and is hilarious. Right now he is more interested in learning than making steps but hopefully something we teach will one day touch him to making necessary changes in his life.

Christmas Conference was a blast. My best friends are missionaries. I love so many people here. It just made me thankful for the family that I have grown here in Indiana and I am grateful to have met so many amazing people that have all changed me in some way, for the better. 

I am happy and well fed. Continuing to work with people and searching for more miracles. God bless!

Elder Jeff Groseclose
saw my latuuuuuuuuuu
hna lyons
the gangggggg
sister gil
my go home spanish elder group
sister cleveland
my homie knows I love my chicken nuggets haha
love my ninos!!!

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