Friday, January 9, 2015

December 29, 2014

Heeeeeeeey! Merry Christmas :) I can't believe it's almost 2015! Next year has a LOT in store. Kinda nervous... ok REALLY nervous. A job, a mission, college, HOMEWORK AGAIN? Lame!

Time is flying, I can definitely say that!

This week was really good except for yesterday. I mean yesterday was good too but it was a very trying day. That's all I will say on that!

It's hard to write what happens every day, every week but I can tell you, like last week, about the people.

We are teaching Cassie and Henry. They are Salvadorian. 20 years old and planning on getting married in January. We met them at Belen's house when we were getting haircuts. They are super super cool! They know the Branch President's daughter so hopefully that leads to something good. :)

Hector and Julie passed their interviews and will be baptized tomorrow. I have the privilege of baptizing Hector and Elder Weese will baptize Julie. 

Elba. LOVE HER. 

We taught a babe from Mexico, too bad... or good thing.... that she's only here visiting. So we won't get to teach her again :( 

Also, we are now teaching the Branch President's son's girlfriend, Jonarys. She has been taught a lot and goes to church so we will see what happens there.

Christmas was a blast. Went out to a really nice Hibachi Asian Buffet and then went by Notre Dame after for Elder Weese to see it.

That's the week. We teach a lot but there's just not a lot to say about it all!


Elder Groseclose
i get to baptize this little stud on tuesday!
badminton with my main man rafa
merry christmas to meeeeeee
Romero's took us out to HIGH CLASS ASIAN BABY
tied up fernando bahaha
lol richard

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