Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yesterday I hit 4 months to go and I wasn't even trunky. And then I get this from my mother in my email today: "We are having a party the day after you get home and then leaving to go to Disneyland two days after that." 

After having the fastest week ever last week, I was cursed with an awfully slow and, frankly, terrible week. But I will run through it anyways.....

So it all started out well! We taught Jonarys on Monday and had a great dinner at the Alarcon's house because we taught her there and then we went and visited Francisco and it was a good start to the week!

Tuesday was the day before transfers, which means to say that of COURSE we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Had to say bye to Van Haren after a wonderful 9 months straight together. We then had a lesson with the ever so sweet Emma and then went by Belen and the kids and taught them and then we had kind of a test run for English Classes. It went pretty good! We then had Tinga with Hna Romero and it was just pleasant :))

Wednesday was WEIRD. My first transfer meeting that I didn't go to since August 2013..... So I had someone call me, put me on speaker, and I listened in. Hahaha. We taught a lot of lessons but we were none the less in the a really weird funk because it doesn't feel like a new transfer without going to the meeting! 

Thursday was good too. We found a couple that seems like they have a lot of potential and I am excited to see the follow up there!

Friday! Our english class had 18 NON MEMBERS. It was packed. It was insane! It was SO COOL. I hope it keeps going good because it was awesome. We have classes every Tuesday and Friday now and I hope they keep up these numbers! We had 3 dinners and Friday and I felt so sick which leads to....

Saturday we had a stake meeting and it was nice, but I was feeling kinda funny.... and then we went by a LA after and then went home because I didn't feel well which lead to ME BEING SICK AND DYING ALL DAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. It was HORRENDOUS. Legit thought I would die. SHOUT OUT to Hna Romero for saving my life SO many times and bringing me things and buying me medicine and just being my BEST FRIEND. Nothing to report about those two days except that Francisco and Jonarys were at church and I was at home on my death bed, MADE IT TO SACRAMENT MEETING THOUGH. ;)

Hopefully this week is better!

Elder Jeff Groseclose

only picture this week is to tell everyone that....... my bessssfrieeeend got transferred up here :)

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