Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 23, 2015

Not much I really want to write about because I am being transferred and will be somewhere new with completely new people on Wednesday.

Transfers have gotten weird but I still will be going to Indianapolis. I will know everything else on Wednesday.

When I was told I was coming to Elkhart, I didn't want to come. It is known as the unsuccessful area where you don't teach. 

I sit here 4 and a half months later and I can say that Elkhart was my favorite area. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. My love for the people here is so deep. It's on a different level. We taught like crazy. By far the most I have ever taught in a 3 transfer span. We never had a week where we didn't hit our teaching goals. We excelled. We were obedient and, therefore, BLESSED.

I have seen in my time here how LOVE comes as you truly serve others and worry more about them than yourself. 

I am filled with happiness and JOY as I think about my service here. I don't regret anything. I am not leaving wondering if I could have done more and thinking that I didn't do enough. I put my whole heart into this area and I am so so happy to have had the opportunity to turn Elkhart from the "pit" of the spanish areas, to now the area that is thriving the most. 

God wanted me here even though I didn't want it. Now, I would never ever give up my time here.

I'll miss it. I'll miss it a bunch. But I gotta write the last chapter now. 85 days to go. One last area. 3 months. I am excited.

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose

luis was at the hospital. haha
elvin the chef
thank you hermana diaz.
henry and cassie.
roselia y manuel.
emma! the piece of toast is there for a reason.......
love the diaz family <3
maria from english class.
juan carlos.
mujeres jovenes.
hno martinez

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