Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2, 2015


I am now back in White River, but it's like when I came here, my heart left and now it's in Elkhart.......Sooooo....
Anyways, I am in the area that I was in for that weird 2 week stint I did back in July. It's Northwest Indianapolis. I am with Elder Wright. He has been out 9 months. I am reluctantly still District Leader lol. I was hoping to be released and just be a normal missionary. Whatever, NI MODO. 

Weeeeeeelllllll, this was a really really long week.
Hard to believe that a week ago I was in Elkhart.

Monday night, Weese and I went to Texas Roadhouse with Luis and paid for him because we love him so dang much!!!!

So last Tuesday was my last day in Elkhart so Belen bought us McDonald's and she was sooooooo sad!!! Then I had to say bye to my beloved English Class!!! Then we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Hna Romero and Abi because honestly who else would I want to spend my last night with? Afterwards, as we said bye in the parking lot, Abi and Hna Romero were bawling and texted us all night saying they were crying and couldn't stop. HEARTBREAKING. Then to top it all off, KARINA from Columbus calls me up crying because she was remembering when I got transferred 14 MONTHS AGO. SO, it was just a mess of goodbyes.

In this area there is a 15 year old girl, Patricia. She is on a baptism date for March 14.Pretty cool. She's rad. Yeah, who says rad? But it's the best way to describe her. She was at church. :) 

Not much else is happening here. My mom always asks for details but I just don't have any....

We have a full time car though. Yee!

Church was almost cancelled yesterday entonces hubo poca genta. BUT, we still had testimony meeting and I loved what one sister said: 
Si una persona no te cae bien, sirvela y asi la vas a amar.

 I was going to be lazy and put that through a translator,  but this came out.....
"If a person does not like him, Serve and thus the 'll love ."

Hahahaha. It meant to say, If you don't like someone, serve them and then through that you will love them.

Good thought huh? :)

Other than that, nothing. SORRY.

Love youuuuuuuuuuu!

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
bye bye belen!
english class 
hna romero and abi. last night.
yes i make good salsa.

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