Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 9, 2015

Weird day. Today marks 99 days to go.... That's double digits.... I have been doing missionary work for 614 days and it's never been double digits. And now it is. Next up...... single digits. #whoops

This week was cold and we walked so dang much due to another snow storm. But with all the things that could have held us back, we still met our goals and had SUCCESS. So yeah, we beat the adversary. Again. #typical

Hmmmmm, let's talk about people this week.

> Noheli. Hermana Romero's daughter which means she automatically is one of my best friends. Well, she is awesome. Taught her the Plan of Salvation and it went well. THEN, she came to church on Sunday. So of course we took a family picture. I am so excited for Noheli, I hope she is just as excited.

> Had a great lesson with Henry and Cassie. Henry says he understands it and that "we are convincing" and Cassie GETS IT. Whether she acts on the knowledge that she has, who knows. But she GETS IT, she knows what we teach is true. The follow-up lesson this week could be really really good if they are willing to ACT. 

> Hector wants to be baptized. He knows he isn't perfect and never will be, BUT HE ACCEPTS IT. He realizes that perfection isn't what is required of him. It's a huge step for him. I am stoked for the guy.

> Belinda, Angel, and Elvin. Elvin has a baptism date. We are gonna go over it with his mom and if it stays, I will let you all know. :)

> Had chayote, squash, celery, and cabbage soup with a less active member. AND it was one of the most delicious things I have eaten on my mission. Mind = blown. I was in love. Hahaha.

> Luis! My man is still doing great. Love that he always comes to church. 

That's it. LOVE YOU ALL.

Elder Jeff Groseclose
everyone say hiiiiiiiiiii to my best friend <3
Lunch with my faves 
my girl yaretzi waiting for me at the door
the romero's are seriously my liiiiiiiiife up here. I can't even explain it. So much my second family
left to right is Sisney Me Noheli Abi and Rosario

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