Monday, March 30, 2015

March 16, 2015

Another week dooooooown. Birthday on Wednesday. 21. Woot woot. #oldman
March Madness brackets were released yesterday which means that my favorite sports time of the year will once again be going on without me. Worst Part? THE FINALS ARE HERE IN INDIANAPOLIS. Like .8 miles from where I am sitting AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Props to BYU for making the tournament. Claps.

I kept notes of highlights of the week, so I will be sharing those. 

I would like to start with the highly intellectual LIFE ALTERING question I was asked this by an investigator. I hope you are ready.
"If Adam and Eve were Chinese, would they have eaten the snake instead of the forbidden fruit." This was posed by our investigator named JESUS. What a coincidence. Now THIS man is what we call an intellectually SAGE. My answer? "Probably, you bring up a good point. I guess they would have." He was satisfied.
We went to Arby's and the cashier legit was so bad and just like forgot everything and took forever to get us our food and kept making the wrong orders and I felt bad so I prayed for and after my prayer I look up and tell Elder Wright and tell him I prayed for the cashier and he was like "No way! Me too!" Hahaha. Poor lady. I did get 8 strips instead of 6 though. AND I used a coupon. So it was a rockin' chicken experience.

Played siiiiiiiiiiiick Volleyball last PDay. I missed it. 

So one of our zone leaders told me he had something to tell me when were at Chinese Buffet after zone meeting and proceeds to say;
"So.... Elder Groseclose, I have known you since BYU." I am all confused and he continues, "So the first time I saw you in the mission in like August 2013 I noticed you but I didn't know from where... Then I realized like 4 months later, but I never have served around you until now...." I am so confused and then he says "You beat me in the Intramural Volleyball Semifinals. I HATED YOU. You were the only good person on your team and I HATED YOU." HAHAHAHAHAHA IT WAS SO FUNNY. I LOST IT. So that was a great story.

Met a guy named Adrian. He was SO hammered. He opens the door and I am like "Hey we are sharing a message about God..." and he LOSES it and starts cracking up and shaking my hand and says "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GOD." So I am annoyed and try to leave BUT HE INVITES US IN. I am sassy as crap with him and he won't stop shaking my hand or showing us weird things in his house. He asks me "Do you believe in the Virgin Mary?" "Of course, we just don't pray to her like you." He responds "UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT BLACK WHITE IN OUT HAPPY SAD, GOD AND THE VIRGIN!!!!" We then proceed to pray and as we leave he shows us his rum and Virgin Mary shirt and we leave. So....... yeah. Adrian.

Patricia got baptized. She looks so un-excited in the picture but trust me SHE WAS STOKED. It was so cute. She's super super cool.

Appparently ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE is a TV show?

Met another crazy person. In the form of an old white lady. She was cracked out and couldn't stop laughing. The funniest thing that she said we said? "We can't come in without a man in your house." SHE DIED LAUGHING. Why? No clue. BUT SHE LOVES GOD.

A lady in the branch tells me "Elder, I can't feed you this Friday, and I am going to let you know why. My husband doesn't get paid until Saturday so we can't afford to feed you on the budget of this week because it's your birthday and I want to wait so I can make you something special."
My heart melted. These people DON'T HAVE MONEY and they struggle just for us. It was so humbling.


Stick to your task till it sticks to you; 
Beginners are many, but enders are few. 
Honour, power, place, and praise 
Will come, in time, to the one who stays. 

Stick to your task till it stick to you;
Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too; 
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile 
Will come life's victories, after awhile. 

Good week. Love you all. :)

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
Judith's kids.
Judith and Salvador. Members.

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